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Who We Are…

Campbell’s Refinishing is Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina’s leader in refinishing, reglazing, and repair of kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Our industry leading, fast-drying products can be easily applied to all bathtubs, sinks, ceramic tile, counter tops and much more.  Call (757) 635-6997 or (804) 822-0956 for a FREE in-home estimate.

What We Do…

Campbell’s Refinishing is not a remodeling company; we provide refinishing & reglazing services only, which has allowed us to be true experts at our craft. Thus, we will NEVER tear out your bathroom or kitchen and then have you worry if we will be back the next day. Should you ever need remodeling in conjunction with a refinishing job, we will gladly work with your contractor or refer you to a trusted colleague.

Our refinishing & reglazing services can take your worn, ugly or outdated surfaces and add new life to them, while saving you more than 75% over replacement costs. We even offer unlimited color selection.

Why Campbell’s Refinishing?

We take pride in providing world-class, quality refinishing, reglazing, and repair products and services to our customers in a prompt and professional manner. So, we invite you to review our web site and please contact us  if you would like any additional information.


What can Campbell’s do for you?

Bathroom Refinishing 

Kitchen Reglazing 
Reglazed Kitchen


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