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Why should I refinish my bathtub?

The majority of our customers refinish their bathtubs and fixtures because they have lost the original like new finish, which has resulted in a ugly, dull and hard to clean surface. We also service many customers that just want to change to a new modern color.

Will you remodel my bathroom or kitchen?

No. Campbell’s Refinishing only provides refinishing and repair services.

Is it cheaper to Refinish rather than replace?

Yes. Refinishing is at least 75% cheaper than replacement of any fixture.

What type of surfaces can be repaired and/or refinished?

All bathtubs, sinks, cultured marble, ceramic tile, fiberglass, plastic and acrylics are the most common that we service.

What if my tub or shower has a crack, chips or breaks in it?

We can repair any of these before we refinish any fixture.

How long does it take to refinish a bathtub?

The refinishing process takes about 4 hours and can be used 4 hours after completion.

Can a cracked fiberglass bathtub bottom or shower pan be repaired?

YES! We can install an inlay or fabricate a new fiberglass bottom on the job site. Matching colors is not a problem. We also can install an inlay for plastic or acrylic tubs and showers.


How long will the finish last?

As with any finish it can wear. If you follow the cleaning instruction you should get more than 15 years of wear out of any refinish performed by Campbell’s Refinishing.

Is the refinishing guaranteed?

Yes. Campbell’s Refinishing guarantees all refinishing for one year against fading, peeling, cracking and hazing.

Is there any cost for an estimate?

No. Campbell’s Refinishing will always be happy to provide an in home estimate and gladly answer any question you may have.

Does your company refinish ceramic tile?

Yes. We can refinish any wall tile. We can repair any settlement or stress cracks, holes from old shower doors prior to any refinishing. We offer unlimited color selection.

Can I have my kitchen and bath counters refinished?

Yes. Campbell’s Refinishing offers two types of countertop refinishing. We offer the Multi Color and solid color finishes for both kitchen and bath countertops.